Cohen Strategy Group strives to be the preferred strategy consultancy for a select number of prestigious clients to whom we can devote our full attention, creating meaningful solutions and profitable opportunities.  And we work side-by-side with these clients to achieve lasting improvements in performance and to maximize long-term growth. 

We provide a new level of strategic consulting in response to the rapidly evolving landscape, with services to quickly deliver results while developing strategies designed for long-term success.


  • Sales Planning & Execution– The true power of strategic insight can only be achieved through successful planning and effective implementation. CSG leads the merging of strategic insights with organizational capability to develop and execute strategic sales plans and go-to-market strategies.
  • Business Development – We help progressive organizations chart a path to growth through a focus on mission, diversified revenues, strategic partnerships, strong operations, and solid financial systems. On behalf of client partners, our team leads sales operations, executes sales plans, and spearheads a variety of revenue-generating or capacity-building initiatives.


  • Industry Partnerships– We help progressive organizations design and implement programs, with an emphasis on growth plans and replication efforts. Our team has significant experience with public private partnerships and specific expertise in college access, student success, career planning and economic development programs.
  • Growth Hacking– Our comprehensive approach to achieving growth begins with defining an organization’s growth strategy and extends through creating an impact on people’s lives. Along the way, we put into action proven models for organizing, learning, testing and re-imagining the future of your business.
  • Government Relations– Education is a highly regulated industry. For organizations seeking to sell at the federal or state level, we guide them to intimately understand the dynamics at work on order to be effective.


  • Impact Investing.  Operating with the intention to generate positive, measurable social impact alongside a financial return, we have made and will continue to make a select number of investments, particularly with regard to educational access and social justice.
  • Capital Strategy.  We help visionary CEOs and their leadership teams build the innovative and high-performing social purpose organization needed to turn great strategy into concrete results and investable businesses.

The strategies we develop with clients and deploy on their behalf are creative, sometimes provocative, and, above all, actionable.  

For more on how CSG can help your organization define and achieve its goals in the education and corporate learning sectors, please contact us.